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Jealous Even At 98

Sheez, can't a man look?

You’re never too old to whack your cheating hubby over the head with a pan I say.Just ask the mother of all cougars a 98 year old Russian woman who suspected her 78 year old husband had been eying off their female neighbor. Bo-ing, take that you bastard. The hubby, whose head must have been ringing, returned the compliment by hitting her on the hand with a rolling pin. The elderly woman now faces assault charges and probably great make-up sex!!!


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Fetish Foiled

All Chad Dawson wanted to do was to break into his neighbor’s apartment and steal her underwear, gosh! Unfortunately she rolled up with her boyfriend before he could even get inside, so he took off running, leaving a nice trail of footprints in the snow. Bummer. Dawson now admits he has a fetish and will seek help.

Psst Is it a fetish if he doesn’t actual steal anything? So far he is just a gonna! Might want to start with something a little less challenging like nicking undies off a clothes line in summer!

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