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That Would Be Mrs Ripper To You

Just when you thought the Jack the Ripper story couldn’t get anymore weird a British author is now claiming the infamous murderer may have been Lizzie the Ripper. John Morris believes Lizzie Williams, the wife of the royal physician Sir John Williams (also a suspect), killed the women because she couldn’t have kids. Three of the victims had their wombs cut out for starters. Anywho, he’s written a book entitled Jack The Ripper: The Hand Of A Woman which he says will leave no doubt in the readers mind, it was a friggin night prowling, psycho woman.


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Phantom Chair Pisser Caught

Stop looking loons, thanks to a hidden camera the mystery office chair piddler has been found. Seems since October last year Raymond  has been peeing on the office chairs of his female co-workers during his off hours.


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Take Your Bat and Ball and Go Home!

Here, you forgot this!

Well, well, well, as Australian cricket sinks to an all time low, it seems the little boys club is finally being mismantled. Can’t say I’m going to miss them. For far too long the “men” behind the scenes have made poor selection decisions, showed the most appalling favoritism and refused to allow young blood into the side. The current team is the end result of their over inflated egos and arrogance. So now that they are gone, who are they gonna call? Well word is Belinda Clark. Yes, you heard me, a woman…and a damn good one at that.She is Australia’s most successful women’s cricket player and whatsmore she has impressive management skills. You go girl and show them some balls!


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A Norweigan company is making women wear a special bracelet if they have their period so they can justify their toilet breaks. Welcome to 200BC.

Psst The bracelets are RED!!!!


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Robber Does A Strip Tease

Only in Darwin would a female robber do a strip tease before fleeing in a getaway car. The woman waltzed into a local Subway store around 11.15am waving a knife and demanding money. After being handed around $500 she lifted her top to flash her bikini top before running out to the waiting car.


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Wanker In The Workplace

OMG, OMG, OMG, Michael Lallana has been charged with jerking off into a female colleague’s bottle of water TWICE and each time the poor soul drank it. Ewh, ewh, ewh. It is believed Mr Lallana snuck into the woman’s office and masturbated into her water bottle which was on the desk. She told police after drinking from the bottle she had felt sick and had thrown it away. The second time it happened she kept the bottle and had it tested. I suspect she went a little pale when told the water contained semen. After a DNA check of staff  Mr Lallana was arrested.


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Trailer Trash of the Bird World


Meet the female Saltmarsh Sparrow, which has recently been crowned the slut of the bird kingdom. Yes sirree, the little critter which lives in the marshes of Connecticut is an extreme sex addict. Researchers, studying their mating habits, discovered that not all the eggs in their nests necessarily belonged to the same father, indicating that they are highly promiscuous. In fact “The chance that any two chicks in the same nest have the same father is only 23%,” says Professor Elphick of the Coastal Carolina University. Geez, slut alright!


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