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You Know Your Life Sucks When ….

I'm not even allowed on it!

…. a fetus on Facebook  has more friggin friends than you. Yes, you heard me, a fetus has a friggin Facebook page, thanks to its parents Matthew and Ellie Greene AND Marriah already has over 300 friends. How the hell does she type?

Psst I would hate to get poked by a fetus…I’m just saying!


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I Hope You Don’t Wear It Around Your Neck!

Oh for crying out louk,  a man from Laos killed his pregnant wife with an axe because he wanted to use the fetus to make a “louk lord” (lucky charm) so he could win lotto. Hmm, so far it hasn’t working for him! The man allegedly lured the unsuspecting wife into a forest, killed her and then removed the three month old fetus. He told police, when he was arrested the following day, that he heard if he created a “louk lord” he could ask the ghosts for the winning lottery numbers. So far the fetus has not been found.


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