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Can You Hear Something Rustling?

Don’t mess with Chinese brothers Guo Gongwei and Guo Gongtian if you know what’s good for you.They have been arrested for releasing 500 poisonous snakes near the home of the village leader, known as Song, because of a feud. Seems they thought it was the best form of revenge. No shit Sherlock, feet up!

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Here’s A Friggin Story

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, you are such a biatch! Seems that lesbian denying Eve Plumb hasn’t forgiven Maureen McCormick for spilling the beans on her in  Here’s The Story autobiography. No seriously she is pissed. So much so she is refusing to be in the same room with her (obviously she isn’t quite over the whole lesbi thingy) which kinda makes the NBC reunion seem pointless because she has declared herself a no show. Hmm, probably the reason why the whole thing has been canned. McCormick claimed in her book she and Plumb had an on-set sexual relationship (ewh, incest), something Plumb has adamantly denied. Geez, makes Barry Williams (Greg Brady) and Florence Henderson’s (Mrs Brady) date seem pathetic. Did I mention McCormick also had a fling with Williams as well. Marcia sure was a slut!


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When an Editorial Feud Gets Ugly

Here’s the thing people, if you want to get back at your rival editor, commission an artist to make a plastic relief of him sporting a 6m penis and place it on the facade of your building, that should do it! The long standing feud between German left wing newspaper Die Tagezeitung and right wing rival Bild just got uglier after a plastic relief called “Peace Be With You” was erected, showing Bild’s boss Kai Diekmann naked and sporting a massive erection, was displayed across their 5 storey building for all the world to see. Ooh and did I mention the tip of his penis turns into a rearing cobra ? Hmm, guess not.

Anywho, the feud started 7 years ago after Die Tagezeitung ran a satirical article claiming the Kai Diekmann had undergone a failed penis extension operation.The piece was meant to highlight how Bild newspaper thrived on the misfortune of others but it pretty much backfired and they got their asses sued. Despite the court making them remove the article from their archives the story was posted recently on a blog. Therefore , they argue, it had become part of the public domain, hence the commissioned artwork.  Points to you!


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