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Well Isn’t It Ironic

A man who attended the Missouri Monopoly tournament was sent directly to jail following a fight. Anyone got dice to bail him out?

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Spiderman Gives Heckler An Ass Whipping

It is bad enough you have to don on a stinky dumbass Spiderman outfit to earn a living but having to endure taunts from people …that’s a licking.


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Anonymous Vs Ku Klux Klan

Couple with exact same names divorceOh dear, point to Anonymous. The fight between the Ku Klux Klan and the internet hacker group Anonymous has just got brutal, as racial tensions mount in the suburb of Ferguson where an unarmed black teen was murdered by a policeman in August. The KKK had announced they would use ‘lethal force” during protests in Missouri as the town waits for the grand jury to make a decison about whether the white policeman Darren Wilson should be charged over the shooting and death of 18 year old Michael Brown. When Anonymous got wind of the KKKs involvement they unleashed by seizing two of their Twitter accounts. The silly KKK responded by declaring war against Anonymous who slapped them back by releasing the names and social security numbers of KKK members. Oooh this is more exciting than the Dark Knight Trilogy. KaPow.


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Upsitting Citizens

Airplane windowOh wait, what? A passenger who used a ‘knee defender’ device that stops airplane seats from reclining onto your knees has been arrested. Seriously, he should get a medal. Seems the woman in the seat in front cracked the sads after she discovered her seat wouldn’t recline and let the fur fly. She summonded the flight attendant who asked the man to remove the device and he refused so the woman threw water over him, resulting in the plane making an emergency landing and the two being thrown off . No charges were laid, but they are now cooling it off in Chicago, a long, long way  from their destination. Still no word on the whereabouts of ‘knee defender’.

Psst Evidently, all major US airlines have banned devices that stop seats from reclining….bastards!!!


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Shovel Girl



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Awkward Bride War

Oh dear, watch what happens when a groom’s pregnant mistress , also wearing a wedding dress, rocks up to his wedding to confront the bride. Awkward for him but fun to watch.


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Kitty Litter Fight Ends In Tears

Kitty litter fight ends in tearsRefuse to clean the kitty litter? That’s a death threat from your knife welding hubby right there. But on the bright side he gets a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a $1,000 bail bond for his troubles. No word on whether the cat still has its legs crossed.

Want sauce with that?


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Sibling Rivalry Problem Solved

A brother kills his brother at another brother's funeralOi, oi, oi, a man in London has been arrested for killing his brother while at the funeral of their other brother. I know, crazy , right? Evidently, the brothers got into a heated argument during the funeral which lead to the younger one being stabbed to death. Sheez, the next funeral  is going to be awkward.


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Something To Tell The Grandkids

Oh to be young and married to a Canadian senator. Sheez, I bet poor Rod Zimmer (69) was wishing for another midlife crisis rather than  a midair one, when he and his wife Maygan Sensenberger (23…no typo!) got into an enormous row on an Air Canada flight. Between the screaming Maygan threatened to take down the plane. Hmm, that’s gonna get ya a date with the judge little missy. I’m guessing the honeymoon is over, eh?


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Mr Whippy vs Mr Yummy

OMG, an ice cream turf war in England, cool. It’s like the friggin Battle of Tastings!!!  OK, here’s the deal, Mr Whippy is the local ice cream vendor (Blackburn) but Mr Yummy is a rival from another area. This incident occurred after Mr Yummy tried to steal Mr Whippy’s customer by offering him a cheaper ice cream. Mr Yummy proceeds to smash Mr Whippy’s window so Mr Whippy rams Mr Yummy’s van. Locals say the two rivals have been at it for ages.


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