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Don’t Mess With The Bolshoi Ballet

Director of Boshoi Ballet has acid thrown in faceOh dear, a massive inhouse bitch fight at the Bolshoi Ballet has left the artistic director with serious burns to his face and may lose his sight. After weeks of personal harassment, Sergei Filin had acid thrown over him as his left his apartment building on Thursday night. Seems there has been serious infighting amongst dancers , managers and directors since Filin was given the prestigious position 2 years ago but it had escalated in the past few weeks. Nutcracker indeed.

Want sauce with that?


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When Flight Attendants Go Wild

Blame the other bitch!

What would have been a simple one hour flight from New York to Washington turned out to be a friggin four hour delay after two flight attendants had a hissy fit and were kicked off by the pilot. Seems one of the American Eagle flight attendants began talking on her cell phone after the other one had told passengers to turn off all phones and electronics  for take off. She repeated the request over the PA to include the flight attendant and then things just got ugly. In the end the pilot returned to the gate and kicked both the women off (as they refused to work together) and then waited…and waited…and waited …. for replacements.


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Human Killing Cock On The Loose

OMG, a human killing cockfighting rooster is on the loose in India. Yes, you heard me! The rooster is suspected of killing it’s owner, Singrai Soren, after it was forced back into the cock fighting ring after winning its last fight.Hello, cock fighting roosters are suppose to have at least an hours break between fights. Gosh! Anywho,  not happy, the angry rooster, with razor blades attached to it’s legs, lashed out and slit Soren’s throat. The bird, described as having black and red feathers, took off and hasn’t been seen since. Police suspect the prized bird maybe in the hands of a rival trainer as it’s on a four fight winning streak , if you don’t include Soren!


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X Factor Punch Up

Looking like the cast from Little Britain, these two teens Abby and Lisa, wreaked havoc on the X-Factor stage.


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Sicilian Delivery Room

Two hot tempered Sicilian doctors are in big doodah after they had a punch in a delivery room over who was going to perform a c-section. During their fisty-cuffs the woman, Laura Salpietro, was left hemorrhaging. After one of the doctors was slammed into a wall and the other punched a window attention went back to Salpietro. Hmm, in the end she had to have her uterus removed and her baby suffered two heart attacks and is now suffering from brain damage.

Psst Story thanks to Susi Spice.


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Now Let Me Get This Straight



Look what happens when two couples fight over a hair straightener… it ends up being a bloodbath.  A man is nursing his wounds in hospital after he was stabbed three times in the chest and zapped with a stun gun over a quarrel involving a hair straightener. Somehow the verbal eventually escalated into a full scale war about child neglect (Geez, how bad were their kids hair?). Did I happen to mention a woman, who stepped into help break up the fight, was stabbed and zapped with the stun gun too (guess not). Hmm, what a tangled mess.

Psst Hate to think what they would done over a comb?

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