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Iranian Actress Arrested and Facing 90 Lashes

Being in an Aussie film ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, just ask actress Marzieh Vafamehr. She’s been sentenced to a year in an Iranian jail and 90 lashes for her role in the movie My Tehran for Sale which was filmed in Tehran by Australian film makers. The family of Marzieh Vafamehr had wanted to keep her arrest quiet to avoid unwanted publicity but news went public a few days ago. In the film Vafamehr plays a young actress in Tehran whose theatre work is banned by the authorities. In some scenes she wasn’t wearing her hijab.


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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Michael?

OK here’s the thing Sound of Music lover, when going to the cinema to watch Julie Andrews twirling on the hills and the friggin picture goes blurry for 5 minutes, don’t be smashing up  the lobby’s entire concession stand.That’s an arresting right there. Michael Harrington  (56) from Cambridge was friggin furious when the musical went out of focus so he smashed all the items at the stand (including the cash register). Hmm, I would have gone ballistic if I had to sit through the film, even in focus!


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Hobbits Are Light Skinned

Hobbits eh bro?

Holy Hobbit racism row Batman. Attention little people auditioning for The Hobbit in New Zealand, no dark skinned women need apply! Hobbits are friggin light skinned OK!!!! Seems the casting agent for the Peter Jackson film has got his ass asked well and truly kicked for placing an ad in a newspaper which requested extras with “light skin tones”. Oh boy, seems a British Pakistani women, who was told she wasn’t white enough, is now friggin pissed and screaming racism. Hmm, way to get yourself a part in the movie!

Psst WTF is a hobbit?


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And That’s a Wrap

OK, here’s the thing people, when filming a movie which involves an actor dressed up like an assassin make sure you tell the village watchman or that could be a killing. Filipino actor Kirk Abella was wearing a ski mask and holding a toy gun when Eddie Cuizon shot him dead. The Cebu watchman said he was responding to a report about an armed man. Hmm, so how did Cuizon miss all the cameras and  film crew  surrounding him? Ironically the film was called Going Somewhere.


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Straight To DVD

Oh dear god, the latest Uma Thurman film “Motherhood” should have just been called “Mother” after is spectacularly flopped in the UK. Oh and when I say spectacularly, I really mean it. The film made $150 (£88) in it’s opening weekend with just one person seeing it on the Sunday. The reason for this embarrassing result is being blamed on producers who decided to limit the film’s release to just one cinema in the hope of creating a buzz. Yeah, a buzz alright! Last year the $5.5 million movie grossed around $100,000 in the US, there’s no friggin buzz. An epic fail which is usually reserved for Nicole Kidman movies…shame!

Psst Save yourself the effort and just watch the trailer ….


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