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Monster In The Lough

Feet out of the water, people. Two Irish college students out on Lough Foyle allegedly filmed a monster like creature. Oh alright, I can hear your collective sighing. Well, it could be a monster! Anywho, you can all be the judge, here’s the footage.


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Racist Serial Killer On Loose In France

Authorities have linked the helmet wearing killer of three Jewish children and a Rabbi in France yesterday to two other shootings. Each has happened in four day intervals and has targeted ethnic minorities. The killer seeks his victims whilst riding his scooter, then walks clamly up to them and shoots them at point blank range. His victims so far are  a paratrooper in civilian clothing, two airbourne troops (North African decent), three children and a teacher from the Ozar Hatorah school (Jewish decent).

UPDATE: Authorities now believe the killer filmed his crimes. The gunman is believed to have been wearing an apparatus around his neck which they think was a video camera.

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Alien Filmed in The Amazon

If an alien was going to plonk himself anywhere on earth where do you think he would go? Well it seems the Amazon rainforests, that’s where. Two British tourists claim they filmed an alien in the jungle and have passed the footage onto the Brazilian government. Evidently the government have now admitted that they have been monitoring alien activity in the area for some years under the name Operation Prato.

Psst Is the alien friggin bored, he just seems to be standing there doing nothing?


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