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Reality Show Heist

Of all the low down, sneaky tricks, two students from a tech school robbed two  men by claiming they were shooting a scene for a new reality show called “You Just Got Robbed.” They put them in headlocks, stole $20 whilst filming it all on a cell phone and then took off. Hmm, seems the sequel is “You Just Got Caught!”

Psst Indiana


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Teacher’s Pests

Two high school students have been charged with video voyeurism after they filmed up a teachers dress and then posted the footage on Youtube. One of the students ask the teacher for assistance and as she bent over the other student rolled camera .Sneaky. Once the footage of her privates were up on the internet, they began spreading the word.


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Alejandro Paniagua Pretega was arrested after he allegedly followed a woman around Marbleton Kmart filming her butt. A witness said the woman had no idea her backside was being filmed nor that he was trying to film up her skirt. Hmm, he should have gone to Walmart, they don’t seem to care over there.


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Oprah Down Under

Oh fuck, Oprah is coming Down Under, quick, do the dishes and make your beds people! Seems she thinks the Opera House was named in her honor! Fuck,  and she is bringing a plane load of studio audience. Good lord, has anyone told her the  hair weave may melt in December? Fuck, fuck, fuck we just aren’t ready for this type of thing. I hope her lover, Gayle Steadman, isn’t coming. Hmm, we better hide the lamingtons and the Ice VoVos. I’ll have the Vegemite at the ready, that should sending her packing. Hell, have we got time to teach Gillard to speak proper English? FUCK!


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Oh dear, a Georgia high school teacher is on leave after four of her students dressed in mock Ku Klux Klan outfits to film a school project. Evidently a few black students got quite upset and complained, which resulted in the teacher being suspended . Catherine Ariemma who was teaching US history/film education, allowed her student to dress in the white robes and pointed head gear to make a film about the history of racism in America. The only problem was, she let them walk around the school in the offensive outfits.

Psst Lucky it wasn’t a pink Hitler!


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Elderly Man Pirates Avatar For His Wife

Oh how sweet, the elderly man wearing large glasses and using a walking stick, who was caught video taping Avatar in a US cinema, told police he was filming it for his wife. The 88 year old said she was unable to make the movies so he was recording it for her to watch later. Police deleted the movie before allowing him back to finish watch the movie. Sound like a crabby old fart we know, right Mr Mills?


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