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Holy Grief Tax Batman

Only thing for certain...death and taxes

Only thing for certain…death and taxes

A woman who stayed a few minutes after closing time at the Pinnaroo cemetery in Brisbane was handed a $280 fine referred to as a grief tax. The woman, whose hubby had just been buried that day, was apparently mourning at his graveside a little too long. Oooh but lucky she didn’t dawdle on the weekend or public hols because she might have found herself $1,450 out of pocket. Um, did I mention the fine is per Half hour?  The council that runs the cemetery says the fines are to cover staff overtime costs.


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Should Have Just Paid The Fine

dumbassOh for crying out loud who pays  a lawyer $1,500 to contest a $100 parking ticket? Well, some dude from British Columbia did.  Evidently,the guy missed the six days window to challenge the “parking too close to a driveway” violation and got an additional fine. So he hired a lawyer to contest the 6 day window and won. Yippee, now you are out of pocket $1,400 just so you could make a point. Way to go.


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Dude Wear a Helmet!

Dude gets a $50 fine for not riding in a bike lane,  so what does he do? He  makes a video of all the reasons why you can’t always stay in the lanes on the busy streets of New York. Hmm, lazy assed cop vs death wish dude!

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Golden Staff Infection

Oh dear, let this be a lesson to you all. Scott Graham  from Ohio sent an email containing a spyware program to a woman, so he could basically monitor what she was doing on her PC without her knowledge. Nice. Hmm, it gets better, she must have opened it at work because the spyware infected the entire  Ohio Children’s hospital and now he is looking at a massive fine and prison time. Mr Graham received over 1,000 screen captures via email, of confidential info on 62 patients, including procedures and diagnostic notes. Bummer, he should have stuck with Facebook to stalk. Anywho, wouldn’t the hospital have an antibiotic to clear up the virus or at least a friggin firewall?

Psst Thanks Lynn for the story.


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