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Off To A Good Start In Life

Naw, officials in Washington have decided not to fine a toddler for littering. Bless. Seems the 2 year old and her mom got slapped with a $75 citation after unopened letters with their names on it were found in an alley. After a little social media ridicule the citations were dropped.

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Nothing To Gain

riceHeavens to Murgatroyd. A British man was fined for carrying a heavy load. Seems he got overly zealous at a rice sale at a local shop and filled his car with 2,000 pounds (800kg) of grain. That would be 40 bags of 20kg rice. Hmm, the $400 fine would make that some very expensive rice.

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Goldfish 0, Swallower 0

Friggin justice!

Friggin justice!

You swallow a live goldfish and post it on line…that’s a banning right there….. for 5 years Nanny Stater. The dude who can’t own a fish for 5 years was also sentenced to 120 hours community service and given a $800 fine.

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Stop Blowing Your Horn

Oh for crying out loud. A Melbourne motorist had more than pursed lips after he was busted for …wait for it…playing a trumpet while he was driving. An cop drove up beside the maestro , following complaints by other drivers about his erratic behaviour, and discovered he was tooting away. No word on what he was playing.

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And You Were Going So Well

noA woman in Massachusetts thought she could fool the police by making her very own cardboard license plate, including the blue and red “The Spirit of America” and attach it to her unlicensed car. If she had only remembered to draw an updated inspection sticker on it too. Damn it. That’s a heap of citations right there.


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Pay It Forward With A Fine

christmas tree 3Oooh and the Christmas cheer is getting off to a flying start with a man getting fined for throwing one thousand $1 bills from the third floor of a mall to make it snow money. The 29 year old, who said he had had a rough year, cashed in his last $1000 and let it flutter down into a crowd who were listening to a group singing “Let it snow”. Unfortunately the city police were not amused and handed him a disorderly conduct ticket citing he was just doing it as a publicity stunt to win back his ex. He, in his defence, said he just wanted to “spread some holiday cheer”


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An Armless Mistake

Armless man fined for not wearing a sealtbeltOh for crying out loud, some cop gave a driver with no arms a fine for not wearing a seat belt. Of course he had an exemption but the cop told him ‘I treat everybody the same, and you people expect things different,’ . Ouch. Anywho the driver went to court and had his fine dismissed.


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Hair of the Dog

Woman fined for brushing dogs in parkA woman who brushed her two dogs in a local park was fined  £50 for littering. Oh yeah, welcome to England. The two council wardens waited until she was finished before swooping on her, taking photos , blocking her car and then handing her an on the spot fine.


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That’s How The Cookie Crumbles

Brits fined for playing bingo for biscuits in PortugalWord of warning to anyone planning to play bingo for biscuits while holidaying in Portugal. That’s illegal gambling right there. Portugal police swooped on a group of British ex pats and bundled them into three police vans because they were playing bingo for cookies at a bar. They were all fined over $1000 and the landlady received a 4 months suspended prison sentence. Oh wait, there’s more. The people in the bar , who were not participating in the game, also received a fine for “witnessing illegal gambling”.

Want crumbs with that?


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Why Wasn’t It Towed?

Woman accumulates $90,860 parking chargeHere’s the thing German lady who left her car in a parking lot for nine years, that’s like a  $90,860 charge right there. Fortunately for her, she managed to sweet talk her way out of paying the charge and instead was force to pay a $9,086 fine . Sheez, wouldn’t happen in this town.


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