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The Old Taste Test

Show me your tits!

OK, here’s the thing Finnish women, if your doctor says he needs to suck your nipple to diagnose your ailment it’s probably just some old midwives trick! Sheez, a woman in Finland went to see a doc about fluid seeping from her nipple. He then, after having asked her permission,  placed one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked to taste the fluid. He claims it was an old midwives trick, she claims it was sexual molestation.


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Too Hot To Handle

OMG, tragedy has ruined the Sauna World Championships in Finland. Damn it. Russian contestant Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy died from severe burns while battling it out with reigning champ Timo Kaukonen six minutes into the final round. The two were sweating it out in a 230 degree (110 Celsius) room, with water was tossed on a hot stove every thirty seconds, when ex wrestler Vladimir collapsed. Both men were allegedly friggin bleeding from their burns when they were yanked out of the sauna. Ironically there is not even a decent friggin prize for the winner, just a title. The competition, which has been running since 1999, is over for good.


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Oldest Drinkable Champagne Discovered In Shipwreck

Oh yeah it's good

Forget the friggin frozen whiskey in Antarctica, there  are 30 bottles of unopened 200 year old champagne in a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea. Sheez, the divers have already drunk a bottle (bastards) and say it is fantastic, tasting sweet with a hint of tobacco and oak. Hmm, it will be interesting to hear what the connoisseurs have to say. The divers discovered the champers in a shipwreck near the Aland Islands (somewhere between Sweden and Finland). If the alcohol proves to be from the 1780’s, it’s expected each bottle will sell for 50,000 Euros.

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Mummified Body Found In Chimney

Ewh, a mummified body, believed to have been wedged in a chimney for 20 odd years, was discovered in a derelict industrial building in Finland. Authorities discovered a wallet on the corpse which indicated the man was born in 1953. Further investigation revealed he had gone missing in 1991 and declared dead in the early 2000s. Police are still not sure if he was dumped in the chimney or he simply got stuck in it.


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The Pinnacle of Karaoke

OK, no singing along this time, it's a competition!

OK, no singing along this time, it's a competition remember!

I don’t really understand the whole concept of karaoke singing, let alone a karaoke competition. Mainly because I was under the assumption that those who can, sing, those who can’t, karaoke. So I am not sure if I should go “Yay Michael Bates” or not? Michael has just been crowned World Karaoke Singing Champion in Finland (why didn’t he just enter Eurovision?). The Aussie beat competitors from over 30 countries including Japan (who haven’t been punished enough, in my opinion, for introducing it to the world). The prize for Michael is a chance to record and publish a single (good god you can do that free on MySpace). I couldn’t think of anything worse than listening to a karaoke singer on my iPod (sorry Britney)! I wonder if they have to follow the bouncing ball? Come on, I know you really, really want to see what happens at a World Championship Karaoke competition…Oh, take note of the crowd (I couldn’t see them!).


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