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Not Just Nuts

Squirrel be like WTF. A intsy weensy Canadian squirrel managed to destroy 20,000 gallons of milk at a cheese factory. Evidently he chewed through a wire that happened to be attached to a piece of machinery and well you can guess the rest. Naughty squirrel.

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Cladding Nightmare

If you thought the Grenfell Tower tragedy couldn’t get much worse, think again. The makers of the combustible cladding have revealed the insulation used on the cladding (that burned like match sticks) is also highly TOXIC. And by toxic I mean hydrogen cyanide. Seriously, why on earth would anyone produce a highly flamable and toxic cladding for buildings? . I fear this tragedy is far from over.


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Irony Alert

Remember the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery recall ? You know, the one where the phones randomly kaboomed . Hmm, well, seems one of the Chinese plants, where they were made, has burst into flames. Samsung is denying it was caused by their new line of batteries despite the fire department posting this clanger “material that caught fire was lithium batteries inside the production workshops and some half-finished products,” 110 firefighters were sent to fight the blaze. Awks.

PSST The irony alert is this still won’t deter me from getting the Galaxy S8


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It’s Popping

I so want to be the  Tulsa fire survivor’s friend…


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Hey Honey, Why Are You Glowing?

If you are living in St Louis County, Missouri I don’t want to be alarmist but you might want to pack your bags and run. Seems there is a little issue with a slow burning underground fire and a shit load of Cold War-era nuclear waste. Authorities believe if the two should meet …kaboom… a catastrophic event right there. And by “event” I mean a big old plume of radioactive smoke wafting over the area. Seems authorities have been aware of this potential disaster for over 5 years when the underground fire at one of the landfills first started. Prob is, it is right next to another landfill which is contaminated with radioactive waste from uranium processing that was dumped there in the 1970s. It includes material used to create the first atomic bomb. Oh yay. Currently the fire and nuclear waste are about 365 metres from each other. Good luck with that.


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Well That Just Escalated

You know what I hate? When you are doing a live-stream and you accidentally set your apartment alight while everyone is still watching. Awks. I was nearly  compelled to yell at him… in the same way I yell at idiots on Judge Judy.


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Selfie Fire Fail

I kinda wanted more….like them floating down the street.


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Well Done

You know nothing comes between a man and his kids ribs. When a fire broke out in Robert Wrights apartment building he grabbed his kids and then raced back to rescue his ribs. Hello, hero right there.


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Second Child Bursts into Flames

richard-simmons2Remember the Indian woman who claimed her baby kept bursting into flames and blamed it on spontaneous combustion? Hmm, yeah well, she is back, and claiming her latest baby is suffering the same prob. Her first son randomly burst into flames from the age of 9 days to 2 months with doctors unable to determine WTF. The mother claims her newest addition (who is also 9 days old ) was in the bathroom when his feet suddenly caught on fire. The infant will be monitored from the safety of the hospital while the mother is accessed for Munchausen. While most are pointing the finger at the mother, some have suggested the cause could be phosphorous in the family house. Several homes in recent years  have burned to the ground thanks to the highly flammable that is often used in buildings. Hmm, yeah, really?


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Under The Boardwalk

Run Snooky, run. The New Jersey Boardwalk is on fire and you could get singed. The fire which has been raging for hours is spreading into Seaside Heights where Jersey Shore is filmed.  The famous landmark was in the process of being rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy ripped through it last year.


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