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Vets Go To Heaven

A bit shout out to the vets who have volunteered their time and expertise saving helpless animals caught up in the deadly California fires. So many animals were abandoned as people fled the fast-moving flames.


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Firefighters Save The Chooks, Oh, And The House

Some unknown firefighters, who saved a family house during the Colorado fires, left a note for the family on their porch reading “6/29 removed one dead chicken from your coop. gave them h20 and food. Montana firefighters”. The family were gobsmacked as they were just grateful they had saved their home. Bravo guys.


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What Friggin Next?

Firefighting planes in Colorado were grounded while battling raging out of control fires due to reports of a possible meteor shower. Has a plane ever been hit by a meteorite?


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Who’s Lighting The Great Fires Of Hollywood?

Can you get me an autograph?

A mysterious arsonist has been setting Tinsel Town ablaze for the past several days. So far 40 deliberate fires have been lit, starting with cars and spreading to buildings. Despite police having two people in custody , seven more fires were lit overnight. Several Hollywood landmarks have been targeted including a house Jim Morrison lived in and a building near Grauman’s Chinese Theatre  (Hollywood Walk of Fame).

Psst Please don’t let them make a movie about this!!!!


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59 Houses Lost and Counting

High winds from the puff left from cyclone Yasi are being blamed for the disastrous conditions which led to the loss of 59 houses (and expected to rise)  in the Roleystone and Kelmscott fires. The fire, which was originally started by someone using an angle grinder , was fanned by the unusually high winds. It spread so fast people had little time to flee their homes, some leaving barefooted.

Donations can be made to the Lord Mayor Distress Appeal. Please be weary of scammers.

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It’s Never Going Away, Is It?

Haven't you heard?

Umm, no need to panic, but remember the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986? Yeah, that one. Well, you know how Russia is going through it’s worst ever heat wave in recorded history and as a result have friggin fires raging out of control all over the place? Hmm, well there are concerns now that the wildfires around the Chernobyl region are threatening to stir up radioactive particles in the ground and send them back into the air. One expert said “A cloud may come up in the air with soot and spread over a huge territory,” Hmm, I bet a few are regretting buying cheap blocks of land now!

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Devastating Fires of Toodyay

I interrupt this transmission to send thoughts and prayers to the people of Toodyay. One of our regular loons has lost his home in the fires, which have swept the tiny country  town  in Western Australia. Currently 37 houses have been lost but it is thought the number could go higher.


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North Korea On Fire

That's one hell of a BBQ Kimmy!

That's one hell of a BBQ Kimmy!

WTF. Is Kimmy Jong Il OK? NASA are freaking out after satellite images show North Korea on friggin fire! Say it ain’t so! Huge plumes of smoke can be seen very clearly billowing across the northeast of the country. Everyone panic. Hmm, maybe Kim Jong Il is simply having a BBQ. The plume can be seen wafting across the Sea of Japan.Rumors around South Korea’s gossip mill say the fires could have been deliberately lit to reclaim farmland.

Psst Oh for goodness sakes please don’t let it be the friggin Pyongy breweries, I have a case of 75% on order for Chrissy!


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