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The Moral Of The Story

Man beaten, robbed and left naked on first dateOK loons, I know you hate the whole “moral of the story” thing but please!!! Some dude in Florida got himself beaten to a pulp, robbed and left naked on the side of the road on his first date. Hello, a) you don’t let the woman you met at a convenience store pick you up for the date b) you don’t get in the car if there are two men in the back seat c) for goodness sakes you don’t get out of the car to take a leak when the cars pulls up in a side street. Sheez, can’t imagine what the second date’s going to be like!

Psst The sound you hear is  just me slapping my forehead.


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First Date Fail

You know what I hate? When you are going out on a first date and you accidentally shoot yourself with your gun. I really friggin hate that. The couple from North Carolina had just finished a meal when the guy got into his car and kaboom, right through his leg.


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First Date From Hell

Listen up single women, here’s a tale you should all heed about finding a meaningful relationship on social media sites. Leah Gibbs, 23, and a mother of two,  thought she had found a potential partner on Facebook. She imagined the first date would be spent on the couch watching a DVD and getting to know Adam Minton. Boy was she off the mark.When she arrived at his house he asked if it was OK to give him a lift so he could briefly visit a friend. She drove him to a shopping center and waited in the car for his return. Five minutes later he jumps back in and shouts at her to “Go,go,go”. The bastard had friggin robbed a betting shop at knife point, a fact she was unaware of until police arrived at his house and arrested the both of them. She was now facing the prospect of being  jailed for being an accomplice. Needless to say the rest of her date was spent in a cell trying to convince the cops she knew nothing about the robbery. So much for that date, he’s off the market for 4 and half years (not including good behavior).


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