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God Dammit!

Sheez, those humans!

Sheez, imagine, a Bible with a typo is expected to fetch £20,000! Blimey. The first edition King James version, which is nicknamed the “He Bible”, has a glaring mistake. In the Book of Ruth, “she” is wrongly referred to as “he”! Whoopsie! The 400 year old leather bound Bible is a rarity among Bible collectors and will no doubt make more than the expected  £20,000.

Psst Hmm and what about the other glaring mistakes huh?


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Intellectual Stimuli For The Avid Toilet Reader

It ain't Dawkins but he raises some interesting points!

In one of the most bizarre rare book finds in Britain, a first edition of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species has been discovered in a toilet. Yes, the book was sitting on a bookcase in a unnamed family’s  guest lavatory in Oxford (some would argue that is where if belongs! ). The family had purchased it about 40 years prior for a few shillings.It was only after their son-in-law went to a Darwin exhibition and noticed the spine of the book was similar to the one in the loo did the penny drop (evolution of man!). It is now up for auction at Christies and is expected to fetch around €60,000.

Psst I hope it’s fumigated.


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