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Something Fishy

Fish 1, weather girl 0.



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Fish 6Attention US paratroopers , if you decide to celebrate leaving the army by jumping out of a plane with your pet Siamese fighting fish, expect to be punished with an extra 12 days of duty. Just saying.


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Swimmers, Can You Stop Weeing In The Lakes!!!!!

Attention Germans who swim in Hamburg lakes, can you stop peeing in the water, you are killing the fish. Thank you! About 500 fish are now dead thanks to you inconsiderate bastards. Evidently, your piddle is putting heaps of phosphate into the lake which has contributed to the build up of algae that in turn has  killed the fish. So quit it!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Mass Fish Deaths in Marina

Just when you thought the mass animal deaths were over, kaboom, millions of small fish including anchovies, mackerel and sardines have washed up in King Harbor Marina 22 miles from Los Angeles. Seems these scaly beasts were deprived of oxygen and suffocated. Worried much?


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It Sounds All a Bit Fishy To Me!

Slippery little bugger isn't it!

Hmm, a 14 year old Indian boy has baffled doctors after they discovered a 2cm fish in his penis. The boy was taken to hospital after he suffered severe pain and began dribbling urine. He told the medical staff that the fish had slipped into his penis while he was cleaning his aquarium. Uhuh, a likely story!!! He later explained he was cleaning the tank and holding the the fish in his hand when he needed to go to the toilet. As he was taking a pee the fish slipped from his hand and straight up his urethra.You really don’t want to know how they eventually removed the fish but it involved a ureteroscope and a steady hand!


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Something Fishy

Oh my, an Indian man selling fish nearly died after one suddenly jumped into his mouth and wriggled its way into his lungs. Mohamad Kunhi was one lucky fish monger after he was fobbed off from several hospitals before finally a team of doctors were able to locate the fish and extract it from his lungs.

Psst Thank god it wasn’t a groper!!!!

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