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Burning Ring Of Fire

Man accidentally shoots himself in genitals with flare gunI don’t care what anyone says, accidentally shooting yourself in the privates with a flare gun has got to hurt. Seems the guy forgot he had loaded it and fired it at the ground.You can pretty much work out the rest, the flare hit the ground bounced back up and hit him in the balls (lighting them up like a christmas tree).

Psst Florida


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Flare Up

You might want to think twice about parking your motorcycle outside the front of someones house in Buffalo, they might just shoot you with a flare gun. Mark Smith found out the hard way when he parked his bike outside the front of his neighbors house. The neighbor came rushing out of his house and kicked over the motorcycle before whipping the flare gun from the waistband of his PJ’s and shot Mr Smith twice in the chest. The crazed neighbor then chased Mr Smith into his backyard before firing another flare into his right eye. No word on the condition of Mr Smith who is now in hospital.


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Not The Best Combination

OK, here’s the thing Kailu man, if you want to end your terminally ill wife’s life,  don’t use a friggin flare gun to shoot a shotgun round at her, it doesn’t work. Robert Yagi (71) has been charged with attempted murder after failing to kill his wife as she lay in hospital. It is believed the loving husband was attempting a murder – suicide but the flare gun failed to discharge the buck shot properly, leaving his wife, Leatrice, with a black face and some minor injuries.

Psst I guess she wont be getting anymore visits from hubby for a while


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