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The Sweet Smell Of Success

My bad?

OK it’s official, no more intentional farting in a Swedish jail. Yes, after guards filed numerous complaints against a prisoner who used farts to voice his disapproval, the flatulence offender has been issued with an official warning. One more time mister and you face punishment.


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Friggin Turtle Farts!

Stand back, I am about to let rip!

OMG, did you know turtles fart? Hmm, evidently they do and if you give them brussel sprouts well, stand back it could get ugly. This according to the staff at the Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre in Norfolk who feed their turtles brussel sprouts over the festive season as a healthy treat. Unfortunately, with brussels sprouts comes flatulence, and their farts can produce gassy bubbles which then set off the overflow alarms at all ungodly times of the night. So anywho this year the tanks will be partially emptied to accommodate the farting . George the 3ft green turtle is one of their main culprits but staff say he has been keeping his flatulence bubbles to a minimum so far.


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