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Marriages On The Rocks

Bride 3And they said it wouldn’t last. Remember the 3 British school girls who bolted from England to join Islamic State? Yeah, well it seems their Jihadi hubbies weren’t all they were cracked up to be and they have fled. The girls are believed to be attempting to get the hell out of Syria and back to their warm beds in Britain.


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Not So Tough Now

Holy curtain pole swinging girl Batman. Three balaclava wearing men, who broke into a house in England, got more than they bargained for when they woke an 11 year old girl. She came rushing into her parent’s bedroom, where the men were holding a gun to her father’s head and a brick to her mothers, and began swinging the curtain rod at them. Must have been one hell of a curtain pole because they fled like rats down a drain pipe.

Psst The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about little curtain pole wielding girls Fight Club.


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Bravest Woman in Mexico Is A Chicken

Hey loons, remember Marisol Valles Garcia the 20 year old college student who was hired as police chief because everyone else quit? Yeah her. Well anywho, she’s fled. Seems those drug cartel death threats work. Garcia took up the most dangerous job on earth after candidates pulled out due to the gunning down of  the Mayor of  Praxedis G. Guerrero and her son.  Oh and guess what? It’s rumored she’s fled to the US of A seeking asylum. Attagirl, they won’t get ya there!


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Ben Ali In A Coma

Remember deposed Tunisian leader Zine el Abidine Ben Ali? You know, the dude with the spend thrift wife who fled to Saudi Arabia with billions of bullion a few weeks back, prompting a tsunami of  unrest in the Middle East and North Africa? Yeah, him. Well he’s in a coma after suffering a stroke.

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Honey, Where’s the Kid?

Hey, wait for me!

OK, here’s the thing jewel thieves, when robbing a store don’t be leaving your 4 year old boy behind. It is alleged the couple and child entered the Platinum & Ice Jewelry store in Philadelphia and asked to view some rings and jewelry. The next thing the clerk knew they had grabbed a tray of items valued at over $100,000 and bolted with kid in tow. However, after 2 and half blocks the rather fit clerk had managed to catch up with them. The male thief then whipped out a knife, slashing the clerk’s face and neck, before fleeing with the his partner in crime, leaving the clerk to deal with his flesh wound and the confused little boy. As of yet no one has come forward to claim him.


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