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No Win

wolf in sheepsA couple in Bearman country have skedaddled after dropping their 9 year old adoptive son (whom they have had since he was 3 months old) at the Butler County Children Services offices. Evidently, the child’s behavior has put them at wit’s end. The child is prone to angry outbursts and has threaten to stab the family to death.  They are currently on the run with their two other children. Why, oh why, haven’t child services helped these people, instead of creating fugitives out of frustrated parents?


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Is This The Year Of The Rat?

Nice tush!

Heavens to murgatroyd, what does one do when their brothel gets raided by Chinese police? Run!!! Poor dude had no time to whip on his clothes as police came a knocking so he fled starkers down the side of a building. Evidently the prostitute wasn’t far behind him (except she wore a towel).

Wants sauce with that and more photos?


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Same Lifestyle Different Country

Behind every great man there is sometimes a bitch. Take Tunisia’s President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali wife, Leila Trabelsi,  for instance, the former hairdresser caused so much kerfuffle over her greedy ways the people had a revolution and ousted the friggin both of them. To add salt to the wound, when Leila Trabelsi fled with hubby and her litter of greedy children, she allegedly collected a tonne and a half of gold bullion ($60 million worth) from the central bank. Leila Trabelsi, who has been dubbed the Imelda Marcos of the Arab world, lavished herself with luxury items, cars and villas while the nation suffered under the hands of a police state. Ben Ali’s children don’t fair any better on the scale of spoiled little rich kids. Nesrine (24) and her hubby often flew luxury foods to their beachside mansion by private jet and her hubby only fed prime cuts of beef to his pet tiger Pasha. Hmm, and guess where the daughters are hiding now? In luxury suites at Euro Disney in France of course. Mommy and daddy, in the meantime, are being entertained as guests in Saudi Arabia.


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