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Closure For Families of Flight MH370

yellow-ribbonWell, after over two weeks of searching for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 (and me glued to CNN) it appears it may have crashed off the coast of Western Australia (my back yard).  If the debris turns out to be the missing plane I suspect Perth will become the hub. Our little city (the most isolated in the world) has become quite the news headlines of late. To all the families and friends of the passengers and crew , thoughts and prayers.


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Where Are You flight MH370?

Question 3OK, first of all, thoughts and prayers to the 239 souls on the missing Malaysian Airline and their families.

I have been flipping stations all weekend following the disappearance of the plane.  I can’t believe  the lack of info coming from authorities. In this day and age you would think some kind of beacon would be coming from the plane or even from a passenger’s mobile device on the plane. Come on Samsung and Apple, can’t you check? Hello, even my friggin phone can track down my exact whereabouts 24/7 whether I like it or not.

How the hell did 4 passengers carrying fake passports get on the plane? I thought all passport numbers go directly to a database? Someone at the KL airport is in deep shit.

I am still confused about the Japanese pilot who claims he spoke to the Malaysian Airline co-pilot moments after the plane was announced missing.

Anywho, here are my theories …. A) That Chinese Islamic group, who set off a bomb in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in October and stabbed innocent commuters at a railway station  last month, are behind this.Reasoning? The plane was pack with mainly Chinese residents.

B) One of the four passengers using a fake passport attempted to hijack the plane. That Kim Jung Un is a sneaky bastard.

C) There was a catastrophic kaboom, caused by either a mechanical malfunction or from a missile. The Vietnam Navy were very quick to say they picked up the plane crashing on their radar.



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