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I’ll Drink To That

A dude flying from Melbourne to Perth checked in his luggage…one can of Emu Export beer. Unsure if his precious cargo would arrive he was delighted when he made his way to the luggage claim and saw people laughing and taking out their phones.  He later told reporters …“Sure enough there she was, alone on the carousel proudly making her way around. And there I was in my flanno and RMs to greet her. It was perfection.”

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Come On Honey, We Don’t Do Flannel

Two irate first class  passengers delayed a QANTAS flight from LA to Melbourne because the crew was unable to find them XL-sized first-class pajamas for their flight. Despite being offered  inferior Business Class pj’s the two opted to have their luggage offloaded and catch another flight.


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Pasta or Beef?

A 31 year old man is believed to have died after choking while eating his Jetstar meal during a flight from Singapore to New Zealand. His girlfriend thought at first he was laughing but them noticed his lips turning purple. He was pronounced dead a short time later.  He had the beef. The cause of death is currently unknown.


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Lucky He Wasn’t A Terrorist

Wow, look at all those police cars!

Sheez, police in Britain are efficient. Tom Hardyment was returning to England from a trip to the US when he was marched off the plane at Heathrow by four policemen, thrown in a van and held in a cell for 6 hours before finally being released.Reason? He was involved in a  traffic dispute 7 months earlier. Mr Hardyment claims he was involved in a altercation with an Asian woman at a set of traffic lights several months back. She jumped out of a car and began screaming abuse (you know the usual road rage stuff). Anywho, one thing lead to another and before he knew it police had  contacted him over the “racist attack”.  When Mr Hardyment tried to speak to police about the incident they continued to canceled the meetings.  In the end he told the police  he was going on a trip and would speak to them on his return. He pretty much got his wish!

Psst Hmm, I wish British police are that efficient when I am getting mugged, stabbed or murdered!


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More Reasons Not To Fly

No need for alarm but has anyone seen a wee tarantula?

No need for alarm but has anyone seen a wee tarantula?

OMG, what is going on people?  A British Airways flight was cancelled after a passenger spied a tarantula crawling between his legs and in New York a mouse grounded a flight at JKF after messing with the pilot. Has the world gone friggin mad? The British Airways flight had just landed in Edinburgh when the man raised the alarm after some big, hairy 8 legged creature  wandered up his leg. A specialist fumigator (is there such a beast?) was sent in for the kill. Meanwhile across the Atlantic a mouse was behind the delay of a Delta Airline plane headed to Heathrow . Seems the pilot refused to take off  due to fears the little bugger could have bitten through wiring. Passengers had to wait three hours for a rodent free plane to arrive. Can I have the window seat?


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