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Here’s Looking At You Kid

middle-fingerRevenge can be so sweet…or not. A guy from Detroit decided to take revenge on his ex by moving into a house next door to her (and her lover) and then erecting a 12-foot-tall bronze statue of  a middle finger. The finger is on the back porch and aimed in the direction of the ex’s house …oh  and has lights so it can be seen night or day.


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It’s The Season To Be Jolly

A woman in Denham Springs decided that Christmas time was the perfect time to get back at her neighbor. So up she went on her roof and deliberately layed out her Christmas lights to look like a hand flipping the bird. Fa Lalalala Lala La La ….


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Just Say No!

Sheez, I wonder who started the fire?


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The Weather Forecast Has Never Been Such Fun

It’s the BBC ,  it’s live, it’s Nanny State…Tomasz Schafernaker you’re in deep shit!

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Contempt Of Court

Word of warning people, when you flip the bird instead of raising your right hand in court, expect a jail term. Judge G. Martin Zopp 1, Kane Kellett 6 months.


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