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We Have A Floater

Body floating in river was aliveOh for crying out loud people. The dead body you saw floating down the river in Trent was not a dead body…I repeat NOT a dead body, it was a 73 year old lady . Sure she was  motionless and pale but when police went to fish her out she suddenly opened her eyes. No word on why she was floating around.


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3000kg of Pot Found Floating In the Ocean

Oh man, now I gotta cancel the party!

Attention people, has anyone lost 3000kg of cannabis? If so, you might want to give the US Coast Guard a buzz because they found it floating off the Southern California coast. The 160 bales of pot were found bobbing in the waves about 24km off shore with no vessel in sight. Police estimate  it has a street value of about $3million. Sheez, imagine how many Facebook shares you could buy with that?


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The Worlds Biggest Floating Garbage Dump Heading to the US

Arigatou gozaimasu

Hey loons, remember that Japanese tsunami ? Ever wondered where all that debris went after it got sucked into the ocean? You know all the TVs, fridges, furniture and general ruble etc. Hmm, well it’s heading to Hawaii at a great rate of knots and is expected to arrive in less than two years.Sheez, some of those tellys will be out of date by then!. Whoops, did I happen to mention that there is about 20 million tons of this crap? Currently the floating garbage dump is 2,000 miles from Japan and should hit the US coast in less than three years. Poor US, now they not only got to clean up their own backyard to clean up they got other people’s shit to clean up too.


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This Should Put You Off Eating Breakfast!

What cereal did you say?

Ewh, it must be that time of the month again because a Georgia man claims he found a used (yes, used) tampon in his box of Chocolate Chip Crunch cereal. Thomas and Lynn Roddenberry  bought the cereal from Save-a-Lot but said the  next day, when Thomas poured some into a bowl and added milk there it was, a used tampon floating in his breakie. He did the old WTF, spat the offending Chocolate Chip Crunch cereal out and then went straight to a hospital emergency.That’s a lawsuit right there, period!


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