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There Goes the RATatouille

First one in is a rotten egg!!!

OMG, spare a thought for the poor Vietnamese, thanks to those friggin floods in Cambodia they now have a massive shortage of rodent meat. Evidently 17 tonnes of live rats are exported from Cambodia to Vietnam each year for consumption but thanks to the  floods most of the “cheap meat” was been washed away.

Psst Give me a break, those rats aren’t dead, they are probably lapping it up in Indonesia right now!!!

Want sauce with that?



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Leave It To Beaver

Barry really wanted to be a ballet dancer

Some dumbassed beaver who can’t build a dam for Jack has been blamed for flooding a highway in Ottawa. Yes, his poorly constructed wall collapsed leaving the road covered in 10cm of water and closed for over three hours. Sheez, shame on you beaver, what a disgrace!


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And They Wonder Why We Don’t Like Them!

Imagine you parked your car in York, England, along the River Ouse when suddenly it bursts it’s  banks  due to torrential rain. Horrible filthy water engulfs your car, seeping in through your doors and windows and ruining the interior but there isn’t a damn thing you can do do about it until the water subsides. So imagine your horror when come Monday morning you return to your car to assess the damage and a parking inspector has slapped a ticket on your window! Hmm, that’s a double yellow line violation right there. Friggin parking Nazis. Despite a council spokesperson saying the inspector was obviously unaware the cars had been flooded we know better, don’t we?


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