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There Goes The Theory Turkeys Can’t Fly

Evidently in the US all domesticated animals, regardless of species, may qualify as an Emotional Support Animal. So this feathered friend was allowed to fly Delta as a ‘therapy pet’. I heard it gobbled it’s food.

PSST The owner of the turkey had sufficient documentation to prove this turkey can fly.



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Qantas is Back!!!

Qantas is back! Yep, Emu airlines, the fleet that refused to fly due to a squabble with unions has finally found its wings after leaving 22,000 passengers stranded around the world. So who is the winner out of all this, Qantas or the unions? Hmm, who the hell knows, they are all claiming some sort of victory. What I do know is who the losers are.  Firstly, the poor passengers who were used as pawns in this little ongoing battle, Australian tourism and the thousands of Australian Qantas staff who are more than likely going to see their jobs taken over by workers in Asia. There goes the “Spirit of Australia” right down the dunny.  As for  Fair Work Australia and the Unions, you might want to sleep with one eye open from now on because I suspect more big corporates will be following in Qantas’s footsteps. Poor union loving Gillard, now what?

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Thanks Wall Street

A big shout out to the woman who buzzed Wall Street with a plane yesterday. Behind the plane she towed a banner which read “Thanks For The Downgrade. You Should All Be Fired.” You go girl. The single  working investment banker mother of two from St Louis was so pissed about America’s downgrade she felt the need to express her anger. Originally she planned to fly over Washington but it has a no fly zone.

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