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Foot Identified

Remember the severed foot in a sneaker mystery ? You know, where feet in shoes keep washing up on Canadian beaches. Anywho, they have positively identified one of the feet and get this……it belongs to a fisherman who died in 1987!!!! Stefan Zahorujko’s boat was found overturned in Sasamat Lake 25 years ago but his body was never found. So far nine feet have washed up in British Columbia in the last 4 years of which 5 have been identified.

OK, I am going for alien abduction theory!


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And Then There Were Eight

8th foot washes up in Canada

Ruled out!

OMG, just when you thought it was safe, another foot has washed up on Canada’s Pacific coast. This will make it the 8th foot in a sneaker to be found in two years. The Size 8.5 Nike runner (plus foot) was discovered on Tuesday by two men walking along the beach near Vancouver. All the feet found so far seem to have been separated from the body by a “natural process” giving no cause to believe it is foul play.Despite this, rumors persist it’s either a serial killer on the loose or the feet of long lost Airplane crash victims. Experts say the feet can stay preserved in the sea water for a long period of time.

Psst If you didn’t know about the other 7 feet, here is a recap, Feet washing up in Canada.


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