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Warning To Slow Moving Cyclists

It seems when it comes to slow moving men on push bikes onĀ  small country lanes, Gloucestershire women in Lycra have very little tolerance, especially when stuck behind them in their cars. The fact that she was able to jog up to the fool and lay in to him, indicates he was going at a snail’s pace and probably deserved a little tongue whipping. Unfortunately the Gloucestershire police don’t seem to see it the same way and are wanting the pair to come forward. I’m guessing the kung fu kicking and slapping went a little too far!


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Alien Filmed in The Amazon

If an alien was going to plonk himself anywhere on earth where do you think he would go? Well it seems the Amazon rainforests, that’s where. Two British tourists claim they filmed an alien in the jungle and have passed the footage onto the Brazilian government. Evidently the government have now admitted that they have been monitoring alien activity in the area for some years under the name Operation Prato.

Psst Is the alien friggin bored, he just seems to be standing there doing nothing?


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Dude You’re Drunk

OK, seriously loons, this is the friggin funniest drunk man you will see all day. Sheez, he’s going to wake up with more than a friggin hangover šŸ˜¦


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Bigfoot Sighting Alert

Oh for crying out loud people, can someone get a decent friggin shot of Bigfoot, I’m sick of squinting!!! The latest footage was taken by a group of very inattentive hikers who only realized they hadĀ  been walking a few feet away from something really friggin creepy when they later downloaded it onto a computer. What do you think loons, Bigfoot or some redneck taking a shortcut home? Um, the footage was taken in Spokane, Washington, which could explain a lot!

Psst Skeptics claim the big slapping sound one of the hikers makes just before Bigfoot appears was intended to cue the “beast”.


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Sweet Toothed Sasquatch

How do you catch a Sasquatch? Well if you are Mike Greene, with a friggin candy bar. Greene is convinced he has captured a thermal image of Bigfoot in the Uwharrie National Forest (critic say it looks like a man in a Bigfoot costume). Oh and yes, of course the image is blurry, duh! Greene who has been hunting the mythical beast for some time says he was woken in the middle of the night by what he calls ‘Darth Vader’ breath. Lucky for him he had his thermal camera to capture a blurry image of the beast as it helped itself to a candy bar. Sheez, now I can sleep a little easier!


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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Ok loons, check out this film clip and see what you think. A man in Ireland believes he has spotted a time traveler in a piece of old footage from the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film, The Circus. The clip seems to show a woman talking on a cellphone as she walks along the street. The footage in question appears in the extras menu of the DVD which shows real people attending the Hollywood premier. Hmm, if it’s really a time traveler I can pretty much guarantee she ain’t using an iPhone4 (doesn’t even work in the friggin present).


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Go Slater, Go!

Damn it to hell, why is there a big friggin pole in the way? Here’s the footage the world has been dying to see ….emergency slide exit by Steven Slater .


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UFO Worm Hole Cloud Over Mexico

OMG everybody panic…AGAIN! A UFO has left the building Earth. OK, there is 10 minutes of footage which means the UFO’s were taking there own sweet time. Cocky little shits doing it in broad daylight. The footage, which most would say is simply a cloud, has UFO believers excited. The footage was shot in Mexico and looks similar to the Russian cloud which we all panicked about last year.

Psst I’d pack your bags just in case this is the mother ship loons!


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The Old “Schoolboy Jumps Onto Moving Bus” Trick

Ah, to be young and foolish. You know deep down I was hoping he would miss it by this much …


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Mothers Worst Nightmare!

Attention mothers, note how easy it is for a baby in a pram to roll off a platform and be hit by an oncoming train as it comes into the station. The mother, who appears to be pulling up her pants, lets go for just a second and bam! Frightening. OK, don’t panic loons, the child miraculously escaped without injury. Hmm, but mother maybe in therapy for quite some time!


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