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Snowflakes Chance

The heat just got turned down a notch in Hell. Seems the Michigan 5 acre property rightfully named Hell, has struggled to sell despite a group called Damned trying to raise the $999,666 price tag on a kickstarter site. Now Hell can be all yours for $900,000, which includes Hell’s Chapel of Love, Screams Putt-Putt Golf Course and a gift shop (hmm, let me guess, handbags?). Anywho, go to Hell.

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A Flat To Die For

richard-simmons2Remember British serial killer Dennis Nilsen? Hmm, me neither…but evidently the former army cook murdered about a dozen students and homeless men from between 1978-1983 before being sprung by a plumber who discovered that the body parts were the reason for a blocked drain. Anywho, his garden flat is up for grabs. The Real Estate agents do kinda mention (if pushed) that he did commit a few murders in it. Any takers?

PSST I hope the kitchen has been renovated…just saying.


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Nazi Undies

Oh dear god, hands up who wants Eva Braun’s undies? Seems an antique shop in Ohio has her French silk panties and wants $7,500 for them. Oh and if you are in any doubt they are hers they have the initials E.B. sewn on them…. hmm, probably to avoid being  mixed up with Adolph’s silkies . Evidently, a few years back a US Air Force guy was flogging Nazi memorabilia which included a stockpile of about 30 pairs of Braun’s knickers.

PSST I bet they have a few stories to tell.

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Haunted Doll



Oh for crying out loud, you don’t go and put a haunted doll on eBay UK. What the hell will happen if it finds out? From the numerous horror stories I’ve seen, that doll is gonna haunt you for eternity no matter what you do to rid yourself of its evil. Sorry sunshine. The owner, who claims the damn thing is possessed, has numerous scratches and one very tired eye from his encounters with the evil little thing. The starting price on eBay was 5 pounds but some fool has purchased it for 200. Never you mind that doll won’t be gone for long…. just saying.


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Sleep With One Eye Open and a Stake

draculaGuess what loons? Bram Stoker’s castle in Romania is up for sale. Yep, the ultimate sleep with one eye open and a stake house. The elderly owners are kinda sick of looking for somewhere to pee as the castle has 57 rooms but no bathroom. Awks. The price is a mere $135 million, but the down side is you will have to live in Romania and put up with people doing stupid dracula accents. The owners are hoping the new owners will make it into a hotel. Boo!!!


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Purebred Unicorns

Sorry I didn't have a unicorn GIF ... because they don't exist

Sorry I didn’t have a unicorn GIF … because they don’t exist

Hey Loons, want to buy a pair of real life unicorns? Well someone on Craigslist is selling a male and female for $930,000. But Loons, “SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE”. The sellers says they are the only fully licensed unicorn breeder in North America which means this isn’t a hoax. Ooooh and if you want to raise one from birth they also offer unicorn eggs.

The full ad reads …

“We are selling 2 purebred unicorns. Male is 3 years old named Pagasus. Female is 5 years old and named Daisy. Price of $930,000 USD is per unicorn.

Unicorns are hand fed from birth, and require just as much attention if you do decide to welcome a unicorn into your home.

We are the only fully licensed unicorn breeder in North America, and are NUBAA certified. Call now to be put on the waiting list, on which wait times start at 9 months out


We also offer unicorn eggs for purchase.”


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Howdy Doody’s Future Uncertain

What time is it? Howdy Doody sale time. The fall out from Detroit being broke is that Howdy Doody, the famous marionette, may have to be sold. The puppet , which is owned by the city of Detroit, is considered a valuable asset and might have to be sold to help cover their $18 billion debt.


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Cheap Theme Park For Sale

OMG Loons, guess what? There is a 17.7 acre theme park for sale in the US and its only going for $350,000. Of course there is a catch. OK, its a derelict religious theme park in Connecticut called Holy Land USA. Seems,when the owner died in the early 80s a group of nuns,who were left to run the place, got kind of lazy.  The park was opened in 1958 and boasted sprawling replicas of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Garden of Eden and some catacombs which all look pretty much like crap now. Hmm, but with a bit of elbow grease and some spiritual inspiration you could bring it back to life. Oh and if you do decide to buy it you might want to bring a bucket and some strong cleaning agents because it was also the scene of a murder in 2010.


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Mahatma Gandhi’s Blood Up For Auction

Hey Loons, anyone interested in two slides of Mahatma Gandhi’s blood. Didn’t think so but thought I would ask. Seems the sandal loving peace maker gave the blood samples to a family in Mumbai in 1924 while recovering from an appendectomy.  It is expected to make about $20,000. Hmm, might look nice on the mantlepiece.



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Presidential McNugget

If anyone’s interested, a Chicken McNugget bearing a striking resemblance to George Washington is up for sale.Hmm, yeah didn’t think so!

Want sauce with that?


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