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When Fans Go Wild

Just saying

Just saying

OMG, a Manchester United football fan has taken his loyalty a little too far. The 50 year old dude has had the MAN U badge tattooed on his forehead. He says ‘People don’t look at me in a funny way, they look at me in admiration.’ Hmm, I might beg to differ. Oh but wait, there’s more. He has also changed his name from Zdravkov Levidzhov to Manchester United. Mr United lives with his mother and David Beckham the cat in a small flat in Bulgaria.

I know you want to see it … click here.


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Why Ohio, Why?

Who said Ohio wasn’t full of jeniuses


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Only In Ohio

Sorry Bearman, I had no choice, I now have  a new category, Friggin Ohio!!!! Oh and that’s $5 bucks for mentioning your name!!!!!


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You Know It’s Permanent Right?

Oh for crying out mister, if you are going to attempt to cash a stolen check from Cottonwood Bible Baptist Church it is wise to cover up the “Fuck You” tattoo on your forehead. I’m just saying! Patrick Brooks as arrested after the store manager  became suspicious and rang the Pastor to confirm the validity of the check.


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Friggin Forehead Tattoo Fails

I don’t know loons it’s a toss up this week who has the best forehead tattoo. You decide ….

Firstly, there is Mr Robert Kennedy  from South Carolina, his tatt comes in the form of a biblical quote from Matthew 19:26 “With God All Things Are Possible. God Loves You,” and also a little disclaimer “Please forgive me if I say or do anything stupid  Thank You.”  He’s facing an assault and battery charge.

or there is Jeffrey Eugene Alan Southwell , a man of few words who says it like it is, “Hard As Life”. Mr Southwell is facing an attempted murder charge after he tried to bump off his wife.

Psst I have only one word for you boys….fringe!


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Group Tattoo “Rapest” on Man’s Forehead

Oh my, a group of people in Oklahoma City attacked a mentally impaired man  by stun gunning him in the genitals before tattooing the word “Rapest” on his forehead. Yes people, a misspelling to boot! They also held him down and tattooed “I like little boys” on his chest (no typos this time). After the tattooing they tied his hands together and went at him with a baseball bat. Four people, including two women, have been arrested over the attack. The man, who spent several days in hospital, later  had a barcode tattooed on his forehead to cover the word “rapest”.

Want sauce with that?


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101 Uses Of A Staple Gun

Ewh, ouch!

You know what I hate? When you get into a tiff with your girlfriend and she staple guns your head with a Stanley Hammer Tacker . I really friggin hate that! Jodi Gilbert was arrested after police arrived at a domestic and found a man with staples in his forehead. Must have been one hell of a dispute.


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