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Dude, Where’s My Garlic Knot?

A pizza delivery guy is recovering after a customer punched him fair in the face after he forgot his garlic knots. There’s a lesson in that!

Psst Florida


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Time Capsule Fail

The Loon is off to a class reunion for my primary school’s 100 year anniversary. The highlight is the unveiling of a time capsule that was buried in 1979 (of course I hadn’t been born yet!!). Anywho, news is, no one can remember where it was buried. Blahahahahaha, this should be fun!!!!!!


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Thanks A Lot Gran

It's OK kid, granny forgot!

OMG, a British granny escaped from her burning house with the family dogs but forgot about her grandkid. Whoopsie. Mandy Hands and her son fled the burning building with the pets but forgot that her grandson Curtis was asleep in the spare bedroom. It was only after they were safely outside and someone asked if there was anyone else in the house did she remember. Fortunately Curtis was later rescued by firefighters.Hmm, I’m guessing there will be a few  extra  big pressies under the tree at Christmas, hey Curtis?


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