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This Is Moose To Ground Control

What could be more embarrassing for a moose than getting stuck in a tree?  Probably nothing! The poor thing was just minding its own beewax, getting drunk on fermented apples, when suddenly she found herself good and wedged in the fork of the tree. Bummer! Enter a Swedish rescue crane , which managed to winch her to solid ground. Hmm, that will be one mighty hangover she’ll be nursing.



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Well That’s Forked!

You know what I hate? When you walk out of a restaurant and your mate stabs you in the eye with a fork. I really friggin hate that! Oran “Georgia Boy” Turner and Robert McEwen got into a bit of a barny at a restaurant in Florida. Turner left, went home, got a kitchen fork, returned and stabbed Mr McEwen in the eye as he and a woman were leaving the restaurant. That’s a ruptured globe right there.

Want sauce with that?


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Say Cheese

Could be worse, you could have been stabbed with a fondue fork!. Darnice Harrell was arrested and charged after she stabbed her boyfriend  in the head, stomach and thorax with a fondue fork. Ouch!



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