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Hello, Hello, This Is An Emergency

Sorry Fort Lauderdale, but there won’t be any dispatching of emergency calls until someone coughs up the $5.7 million to run the whole damn 911 show. The county and the city are at loggerheads over who’s going to foot the bill for annual running costs. The county told city officials last year they must start paying but the City didn’t budget for it and say it’s the county’s job.

Psst Who’s going to cough up when people start suing over deaths?

Want sauce with that?


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Gee, The Peanut Butter Spreads Easily

I licked it good!

Oh you guys. Three cops from Fort Lauderdale are in trouble over a prank involving a K9 and a jar of peanut butter. Yep, they got the police dog to lick the jar before putting it back in the pantry. It isn’t clear if or how many colleagues later ate from the jar but the cops involved have been reassigned.

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