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Tax Free Witches

I'll get you my pretty and your dog too!!!

Well, well, well, those a scaredy cat then? Fortune tellers and witches in Romania can breathe  sigh of relief after politicians failed to pass a law forcing them to have to pay taxes. Seems the senators were scared shitless they would be cursed if they forced them to produce receipts, let alone make them accountable if their predictions proved crap.

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If you are planning to visit a psychic or fortune teller anytime soon I would avoid going to Germany. According to the Society for Research of Paranormal Science every prediction made by their members for 2009 were wrong. Yes, that’s right folks, wrong! Be it ouija boarders, tea leaf readers or card shufflers they all had epic fails. Oh but wait, I lie, they did get one prediction right. Yes, they did predict Michael Jackson would die. But they aren’t claiming that as a victory because the society said it had been a “permanent prediction” for years.


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