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Spin Cycle Fail

Granny, where's Todd?

Here’s the thing random lady, you don’t just waltz up to a kid on a playground ride and spin him so fast he screams for help. That is 6 months jail in Oz. OK fine, you get instant parole but it is still on your record. The random woman claims she was mucking around with a group of kids on a roundabout when she asked another kid if he wanted to join in as she was going to try and go really fast. He did, he screamed ( a lot) , she let him off. The problem? The kid was four. Enter parents, who ring the cops and random woman gets carted away in handcuffs.


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Sign Of The Times

The Mother’s Day edition of the Times magazine has got a few chins wagging. Seems breast feeding your four year old is uber cool. Seriously, I hope they won’t be doing that at restaurants!



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Bang, Bang, You’re Dead

One more time people, do not leave your friggin loaded gun near children. A four year old Indianapolis boy picked up a gun lying on a table, pointed it at 3 year old Aunesti Lee Allen’s head , pulled the trigger and killed her. The little girl was the daughter of his father’s girlfriend, Fiona Lee. She was home at the time and has now been charged with child neglect and drug possession. No sign of boyfriend.


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