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Kill Joy Fox Ruins Easter

Take note amateurs, if you are going to hide your candy filled plastic eggs around the yard at night for an Easter egg hunt, please notify your local sweet toothed fox. He obviously didn’t get the MEMO but sends many thanks to the Virginia family for the 30 tasty eggs.

PS Why am I singing Fox on with the runs?

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One Less First World Problem To Worry About

Fox has finally taken the axe to American Idol. Yes, it has been cancelled.


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Fox Out Foxed

fox3Don’t mess with Ingrid Meinking if you know what’s good for ya. The 75 year old Swedish woman claims she killed a fox by swinging it by it’s tail and slamming it onto a stone step after she sprung it trying to steal her chickens. The poor fox’s only escape from the coop was through the old lady’s legs but as he made a run for it she squeezed her legs tight trapping the defenceless critter.


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Move Over You’re Hogging The Blankets

Man discovers fox sleeping with him in bedA man in London thought his girlfriend was getting a little frisky in bed when she started to nuzzle the back of his neck so he rolled over to give her a cuddle only to come face to face with a fox. No loons, the chicken killing kind. Evidently the vixen had slipped through the cat door and jumped into the warm bed with him.


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Hey, Who Stole My Boules Balls?

You know what I hate? When your boules balls keep disappearing and you  discover the culprit is a fox. I know what you’re thinking but boules balls are used in the game of petanque (similar to bocce) Stay focused loons, stay focused. Anywho, the French player, who  thought the local kids were nicking them at night from his private pitch ,  set up an infrared camera only to discover a local fox was running off with them.


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Fox 1, Hunter 0

Don’t mess with Belarus foxes if you know what’s good for ya. A hunter got as good as he gave when a fox accidentally shot him in the leg. The unnamed man had wounded the fox and was about to kill it with the butt of his rifle when the fox struck back. After wrestling with the hunter for a while, it’s paw accidentally pulled the trigger and kaboom!

Psst Fox took off never to be seen again.


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Fox On The Run

Two nine month old twin girls are in a serious condition in hospital after being attacked by a fox while they were sleeping in their cots in friggin London. The babies are believed to have arm wounds after the animal crept into the house and up the stairs into their bedrooms and attacked them in  Stoke Newington. Sly aren’t they?


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Fox Trot!

Look at me kids, mommy is a human!

Look at me kids, mommy is a human!

Oh bless, who’s got a little shoe fetish then? Seems a fox in Germany has taken a liking to shoes. Dubbed Emelda Marcos, the vixen has been stealing footwear from the residents of Fohren for months. A forestry worker found over 120 of them near the fox’s lair. Evidently she has been using them to amuse her little cubs… which would probably explain the tiny little teeth marks in them!


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