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Rove LA Beaten By Dora The Explorer

You want a piece of me? Bring it on!

How do you know your brand new TV show is tanking? It gets beaten by Dora the Explorer and reruns, that’s how. Poor Rove LA only 39,000 viewers. However on  brighter note Foxtel say they are delighted with the results.

Psst I thought ratings were bad when he was doing the show in Australia why would moving it to LA change that?

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Australia’s Next Top Model Farce

Holy friggin catwalk catfight Batman.Did Foxtel Manipulate the Australia’s Next Top Model results? Seems Edwina McCann the editor of Harper’s Bazaar thinks so. She is accusing Foxtel of changing last night’s results. It is rumored they kept the voting lines open a little longer in the hope of getting Amanda over the line. After naming Kelsey as the winner, Sarah Murdoch, embarrassingly stopped the celebrations to announce there had been a mix-up. Amanda “apparently” won, thanks to three extra votes. Evidently, Murdoch heard nothing through the earpiece but was going from what she had been given on a card earlier. Awkward.


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