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So Is This Pubic Art?

LaughWhat do you do when a 10ft statue in your town keeps having it’s appendage stolen ? Hmm, build a removable one, that’s what. Yep, the statue of Hercules in Parc Mauresque will now have a detachable penis. Problem solved. The penis will only be used during ceremonies and special occasions. Take that vandals!!!!

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Scaredy Cat

When a French cat decided to have a little kip, he had no idea he was going sky high. Holy crap, get me down!!!


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Monopoly Just Got A Lot More Popular

Monopoly piece to be voted offSomewhere in France there is a Monopoly board game for sale containing $23,268 worth of Euro notes. Yep, to celebrate he 80th anniversary of the game, the company has , in ONLY one of the 30,000 Monopoly boxes, replaced all the fake money with real money . Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?



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Chocolate Loving Monkey Zapped

monkeyFrench police were forced to taser a chocolate obsessed monkey that had been harassing residents from the Castellanne area for weeks. Living on a diet of Kinder chocolate fed to him by school kids, the hyperactive monkey had been avoiding capture until zap…. Authorities believe the monkey was a pet that had been abandoned.


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Can You Hear The Fart, France?

An English plumber built a 4.8m fart machine so he could send the fart noise across the Channel to France. Still no cure for cancer.


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Da Da Da DA

classical musicA French guy has discovered the best deterrent for getting rid of the drug dealers hanging outside his apartment. Classical music. Yes, every night he plays Mozart and Beethoven out his window. It works everytime. In Australia they play it in shopping centres to stop kids loitering.


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Turn The Other Cheek

kissOoh la la. A French thief who planted a kiss on the cheek of his victim has been caught thanks to his slobber. Yep, DNA is a bitch. Pierre and his sidekick followed an employee of a jewelry store home, tied her up, gagged her and poured petrol over her head until she revealed the codes to the stores alarm system and safes. One of the dudes then went and robbed the store while the other one watched over the terrified woman. When the job was completed Pierre untied the woman and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  Poor Pierre. His DNA was registered on the national genetic database.


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