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Lovin It

OMG, a Melbourne man claims he got a nasty surprise when he checked to see if he had extra pickles in his Big Mac and discovered the meat patty was crawling with maggots. Yes people, maggots. Leigh Savage purchased the burger from the Frankston McDonalds store  and when he discovered his surprise extras, he took it to police who said there was nothing they could do. He then took it back to the store where he alleges the staff laughed at him. McDonalds have launched an investigation.

Psst Hmm, a quick search of the net reveals Mr Savage isn’t the first person to find a maggot in their Big Mac.


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Bungling Bakery Burglar

Oh for crying out loud son, get a job. A young Victorian man made a real mess of a bakery burglary after he climbed through a skylight into a locked storeroom and couldn’t get out. Every slap stick move was caught on surveillance camera. Oh boy, it’s painful to watch. Anywho,  he eventually handed himself into police and has now been charged.


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