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What is worse than fake news?

Fake doctor!!! Of all things sacred a man in Australia has pretended to be a doctor, not for one year or two years, but 11 years. Evidently the man had been treating patients in Australian hospitals and emergency departments after having stolen a passport , medical qualifications and citizenship from a real doctor in India. Hmm, so much for our country’s checks and balances. The fake doc has since fled Australia and is nowhere to be found.

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Still A Virgin

Girl who auctioned off virginity still a virginRemember that 21 year old Brazilian woman who auctioned off her virginity last year? Yeah her. Well, evidently she is crying fowl, saying she was the victim. Seems the Japanese businessman who won the auction wasn’t the man she thought he was (photoshopped no doubt) and didn’t give her the money promised nor cover her travel expenses. Yep, she also claims she is still a virgin despite the documentary maker (following her adventures) saying “We have the footage to prove otherwise,”. All together now ….care factor ZERO!!!!


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Look Into My Eyes

OK, here’s the thing women from Czechoslovakia, if a male healer looks you in the eyes, says you have a fatal disease, charges you a fortune to remove the tumor and then threatens to bring it back if you don’t have sex with him, that’s a con artist right there. Seems the healer has been scamming several healthy Czech women and police believe there are quite a few more too embarrassed to come forward. He’s now been charged with rape and fraud.

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Faking Your Daughter’s Funeral…Priceless


Okie Dokie, police in Indiana are a tad confused as to what to charge a woman with after she staged a fake funeral for her daughter. Angela Boyd rocked up to the New Life Ministries Church of the Nazarene with an urn and a donation box after requesting a service for her dead daughter, who she claimed was raped and murdered by her her father in Iowa. As Boyd read a statement  about her daughter’s demise and the congregation wept,  her brother stood up and declared it was all friggin lies. Her 15 year old daughter was in fact alive and well. Ms Boyd fled the church leaving behind the urn, the box and some very awkward silence.


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The Man’s Got Balls

Steven Black was arrested in Florida this week with $1,500 tied to his scrotum. Black and 4 other fools were part of a credit card and check fraud ring.Police say they found $1,540.00 strapped to his balls with a shoelace but were not revealing in what denominations. OK people, I know what you are all thinking, the elephant in the room, how big were his friggin balls?


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So That’s Why The Toilet Seat Was Never Up!!!!

Whoopsie. When Japanese officials went to congrats Sogen kato the oldest man in Tokyo on his 111th birthday, they found a mummified body lying in bed. OMG and whats more, he’d been dead for 30 years. Hmm, seems his family had been covering up the fact that he had keeled so they could collect his pension payments. The relis had said Kato had confined himself to his room for 30 odd years after becoming a “living Buddha” but in reality he was dead in bed with his undies and pjs on.


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Fake Photos Fail

OK, here’s the thing Daryl Simon, photoshopping yourself into a series of photographs to fool the judge is gonna get you 24 years jail.Mr Simon thought by placing himself in  fake photos, doing charity work at schools and hospitals , the judge would be lenient. Hmmm, WRONG. The judge saw right through the images, especially as he used the same photo of himself twice in separate shots, simply flipping it.Oooh did I mention he included fake letters from charity organizations too? Anywho, the judge was really pissed over the brazen attempt to commit fraud in his friggin court so added another 50 months to Simon’s maximum prison term of 285 months. What was Mr Simon’s original crime you ask? Credit card fraud and bail jumping.

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