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Westboro Leader On Death Bed

Fred Phelps is about to meet his maker. Hmm, that could be interesting. Hey, can someone get the sausages ready, there might be an almighty BBQ where he’s going.


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Jackass vs Westboro

OMG, this could be more entertaining/dangerous than a Jackass episode … Fred Phelps and his Westboro groupies are planing to picket Ryan Dunn’s funeral. The announcement was made on their website along with  this charming statement “This arrogant jackass, famous for his “vulgar stunts” at which this nation snickered, died in a car accident in Goshen, PA (one of the most evil states to ever exist) after tweeting a picture of himself & two “friends” drinking – just hours before a 3 AM high-speed crash left him & his passenger dead & in flames. This is no prank!”

Pity the fools!!!



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Westboro Heading To Joplin

Yep you guessed it, hatemonger Fred Phelps and his band of picketing Westboro Baptists are planning to “attend” a memorial service for storm victims at Joplin. I really, truly, hope not.


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Brandon 1, Fred Phelps 0

I just love a feel good story, especially at the expense of the Westboro Baptist Church. The little church of hatred had planned to protest the Mississippi funeral of Sgt. Jason Rogers who was killed in action in Afghanistan but the town folk got wind of their evil intentions and stopped them in their tracks a series of unfortunate events stopped them. Here’s how they did it luck would have it . The towns folk drove over to the hotel where the  protesters were staying  and parked their trucks behind any vehicle  somehow their trucks  all stalled behind vehicles with Kansas number plates. How uncanny was that? Westboro called the local police but unfortunately all their towing service vehicles were busy and wouldn’t be available for several hours. Oh my, very unfortunate. The protesters who did make it to the funeral were ushered away by police for questioning over a crime they believed they may have been involved in. Hmm, seems after a few hours of interrogtion the police had the wrong suspects, so they let them go. Needless to say the funeral went without a hitch. Bravo people of Brandon. And Rest in peace Sgt. Jason Rogers …Lest we forget.

Psst Of course Fred Phelps plans to sue but good luck with the cone of silence!

2 Psst For those who don’t know , the church isn’t about God but money. Fred Phelps makes a fortune suing police and individuals. It’s a scam. Read all about it here…. Scam of the century.


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Westboro Are Off To Hollywood

Special guests at Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral will be Fred Phelps and his band of merry wackos. Yep, they have announced they will be attending the funeral service, pickets and all. Hmm, somehow I think Liz would get a laugh out of that!


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Fred Phelps Plans To Picket Tuscon Funerals

Oh for crying out loud, who let the asshole out? Hmm, why doesn’t bad things happen to bad people . Fred Phelps rants on YouTube about congress woman Gabrielle Giffords ….


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Westboro Plan to Picket Ronnie James Dio’s Funeral

Blahaaha, this should be interesting, Westboro Church are planning to picket Ronnie James Dio’s (the lead singer of Black Sabbath) funeral. Good luck with that, last time I looked, heavy metal rockers don’t take too kindly to religious nutters. Hmm, I wonder if Ozzy will be there, better yet…SHARON!!!!!
Their picketing schedule posted on “god hates fags” website reads in part…..”Ronnie the simpleton enabled, and encouraged Sorceries: everything he was about including the little finger horn thing (he got this from his mother which is an incantation to ward off the “evil eye”) to the drugs, bloody raw meat and his fellowship with those pentagram necklace wearing freakish band members. Yes, Ronnie James Padova (NOT DIO) is currently residing in hell.”

Psst Dio is the Italian word for “God”


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Pastor Steven Anderson

Move over Fred Phelps we have a new hate monger on the block! Faithful Word Baptist Church Pastor Steven Anderson, bless his cotton picking nasty assed socks, told MyFOXPhoenix “I hope that God strikes Barack Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy and I hope it happens today,”. Seems Mr Anderson ain’t too pleased about Obama’s stance on abortion. His usual rant to his congregation goes along the lines of “I’m gonna pray that he dies and goes to hell when I go to bed tonight. That’s what I’m gonna pray,”. Bless, what a charmer. I think we will leave him well alone!

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Friggin Westboro Target Natasha Richardson Funeral

I certainly hope God has something nicely planned for Reverend Fred Phelps and his bunch of wackos at Westboro Baptist Church.The latest pathetic attempt at publicity is to protest and picket outside Natasha Richardson’s funeral. The reason? Well, lets see, one of the charities she supports is for AIDS research ooh and the other her involvement in theater. Seems the theater is a breeding ground for gay people. The church announced on their website “God appointed the Bunny Slope to Ensnare the Simple Sluts of Doomed America! Thank God for the Bunny Slope of Cursed Quebec, Canada!”. Who are these friggin people? Have a look at the notice they put up for their followers about Natasha Richardson on their website GOD HATES FAGS.COM . I hope the actors attending her funeral bitch slap them all the way to kingdom come.

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