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Grab Your Deerstalkers

OMG, a skull believed to be that of Ned Kelly may really be….wait for it…the skull of Jack the Ripper. Yes, that’s right folks, Jack the friggin Ripper. For many years it was believed the wife and child killing British bigamist conman Frederick Bailey Deeming was in fact the infamous Whitechapel murderer. He was hanged in the Melbourne jail in 1892 but before his execution he boasted to fellow prisoners he was the notorious Jack the Ripper.Witnesses say they saw a man fitting Deeming’s description in London’s East End in 1888 buying knives. Anywho, at some stage a skull believed to be that of Ned Kelly was stolen from a glass display cabinet in the prison . A West Australian farmer Tom Baxter handed it in last year and since then experts have been trying to verify who the hell the skull belongs to, Kelly or Deeming? They are currently asking any female relis of the hanged English killer to come forward to give DNA. It is believed that his brothers and sisters were so horrified by his crimes they changed their names to Bailey.


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Jack The Ripper Down Under

Will you quit it honey, you arent Jack the Ripper!

Will you quit it honey, you arent Jack the Ripper!

There must have been a whole lot of murdering going on Down Under during the late 1880’s because there is now yet another claim that Jack the Ripper high tailed it to Australia. Dr Geoff Crawford believes Jack the Ripper may have ended up in Melbourne after fleeing from his deadly crimes at White chapel. His name was Frederick Bailey Deeming and he lived in Windsor, London during the time of the grisly crimes.Evidently Mr Deeming matches the description given by a witness who saw a man near the body of the last victim. It was later that the bodies of his wife and young family were discovered under his house in Rainhill. When he arrived in Melbourne his third wife also met with a bloody end, very similar in style to that of the Rippers.In 1892 Deeming was hanged at the Old Melbourne Gaol. Dr Crawford is planning to extract DNA from Deeming’s skull in the hope that the DNA from letters written by Jack will match.  Good luck with that, there are thousands of them.

You know the Ripper has a lot to answer for…how many friggin murderers fled England during his reign of terror? Obviously they didn’t want to be accused of crimes they didn’t commit!

Psst Many experts believe none of the letters,claimed to be from the Ripper, are genuine. Of the thousands that the police received during the 1888’s only three are of any interest. 1) The “Dear Boss” letter which was the first to mention the name Rack The Ripper (believed a hoax and written by a journo) 2) The “Saucy Jacky” postcard believed to be written by the same journalist mentions two killings close to one another 3) The “From Hell” letter, which included half a human kidney (hmm, gross).

Oh and for anyone who is interested, the other Ripper suspect lived in Brisbane and went by the name Walter Thomas Porriott.

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