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So loons, it seems the only way to get a lifetime bus pass in Florida is turn 103. A 103 year old granny, who is a frequent bus catcher, was presented with the pass on her birthday. Now she can go to and fro from church free. When she was presented with the pass by the transit authority she responded “It means everything to me. Look at how much I can save,” . Am I the only one eye rolling?


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Toking Token

The homeless in Denver were living the high life (pun intended) for Christmas after a nonprofit organisation handed out free marijuana cigs to them . Ho, ho, ho. Evidently thousands of rolled joints were given to the homeless to raise awareness of homelessness in the city. Hmm, yep that will do it. The Cannabis Can group are hoping to raise enough money to buy RVs ,that are decked out with loos and showers , for people living on the streets to use.

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Dyslexia Font

Take a bow Christian Boer. The Dutch  graphic designer has created a new font for people with Dyslexia called Dyslexie. The letter shapes vary more than normal, making it harder for the reader to get confused. Christian, who also has Dyslexia, developed the concept as part of his thesis project during his Uni days and  is now offering the new font for free.


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Shame , Shame, Shame

shrugging-2A NSW judge has let a father walk free from court with a good behaviour bond, despite the man pleading guilty to repeatedly raping his daughter since she was 9 years old. The daughter who is now 19 collapsed and was rushed to hospital when Judge Roy Ellis, handed down the sentence.

Want sauce with that?


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Amanda Knox Is Free


Well, well, well, the American girl, Amanda Knox, accused of murdering her roommate in Italy has been acquitted after four years behind Italian bars. She was cleared of all charges except for slander after she accused a bar owner of the murder. Her released was secure after a judge ruled that the DNA presented in the original trial was to be rejected due to contamination. Amanda Knox’s former boyfriend was also freed following the announcement of the verdict but Rudy Guede, the third suspect,  will remain behind bars as he’s exhausted all of his appeals.

Sadly, a big question mark will now hang over the murder of the 21 year old British student, Meredith Kercher, who was found half naked with her throat cut in what was believed to have been a sex game gone wrong.


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Psst Guess who just got out of jail?  Julian Assange…. pass it on!


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Trust Me I’m A Doctor

Attention all Idaho women, has anyone had their breasts examined by a Dr Berlyn Aussieahshowna at a bar recently? If so, I hate to break it you but she ain’t no plastic surgeon and she ain’t no woman, you’ve been groped! Kristina Ross, who use to be a man, had been stalking bars and offering women free breast examinations under the ruse of being a surgeon. She was later arrested and charged with impersonating a doctor after victims began ringing to make appointments at a surgery Ross said she worked at for follow up appointments.


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Ohio Councilman Punkd on Craigslist

No really, I shouldn't laugh!

Riverside City Councilman Mike Denning and his wife were horrified to see hordes of people with trucks and trailers outside their house. Seems they were all there for the big Denning giveaway, promoted on the popular craigslist site. Yes, some practical joker placed an ad on craigslist saying the Dennings were leaving the country and everything they owned was being given away. Hope the joker covered his trail because the judge has  just served a subpoena on Craigslist to reveal the person who placed the ad. Run I say, run!


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