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Dead Guru In Freezer Just Meditating



Just a little word of warning if you just happen upon a body in an ashram freezer. Don’t panic, that’s just Guru Ashutosh Maharaj. Seems his Indian devotees, who don’t believe he is dead but simply in a state of samadhi (the highest level of meditation), plonked him in a freezer for safe keeping. Well,  until he comes out of his medatative state. Awkward. Seems doctors say heart attack, followers say meditation … that guru could be freezing for some time.


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100 Dead Cats In A Freezer

No honey, social services didn’t take your three children away from you because of your Wiccan religious beliefs, it was the 100 friggin dead cats in your freezer that was the clincher!!! Gabriella Bernabei from Wisconsin told police that she had all intentions of burying the cats and that she was being picked on for her religious belief. Hmm, authorities beg to differ, saying the house was unlivable because of the filth and the 17 live cats that had crapped all over the place. Hmm, oh yeah and those dead cats in the freezer.

Psst The freezer wasn’t actually on!!!


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