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Man Kills Policewoman with Samurai Sword

When a man  from central France was refused a gun license  he returned a little while later with a samurai sword to show them just how right they were. The man killed a policewoman and injured two others with the 32 inch weapon.

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Limbless Man To Swim English Channel

Well I never. A Frenchman with no arms or legs is attempting to swim the English Channel. Oh for goodness sakes Loons, don’t ask me how, he just is, OK!! Philippe Croizon, who lost all his limbs when he got zapped touching an overhead power line whilst fixing a TV aerial, is hoping to complete the grueling 22 mile swim in 24 hours. He’s been training for about 30 hours a week in a pool to build up enough muscle and stamina to stay afloat. OK,OK,  I finally got to the part about how he’s going to do it, evidently he will be using specially designed flippers to help him move through the water. Well, good luck with that!


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No Joking Matter

Anyone else want to be a smart ass?

Word of warning people, don’t even so much as mention the word “bomb” when flying on Etihad Airways or you too could find yourself in jail. Jean-Louis Lioret a 66 year old Frenchman has been arrested after the flight crew overheard him use the word “bomb” while chatting with another passenger on a flight from Bangkok to Paris. Her’s how it prettty much unfolded….while waiting at Abu Dhabi during a stopover the person sitting next to him asked Lioret is it was possible to place a packet on the empty seat next to him. Jokingly he replied “I hope it’s not a bomb”. Before he could say bippityboppityboo he was taken off the plane and jailed where he still remains. Unfrigginlucky.


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