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Another Reason Not To Visit Oz

Oh, for the love of …. look what some poor lady found nesting under her fridge. A preggie deadly Eastern Brown snake. Fortunately the nasty reptile laid its 14 offsprings after it was caught. Australia huh!



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Step Away From The Fridge

Guess which is the most deadliest, E.coli, salmonella and listeria infected area of your fridge? Seriously do not and I repeat, do not, go near the salad drawer, it has friggin 8,000 bacteria in every square centimeter.

Want sauce with that?


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Death By Falling Fridge

OK, here’s the thing people, when hurling a fridge over a fourth floor balcony make sure your work colleague is a good catcher. A man died in Milwaukee after he was hit by a fridge thrown from an apartment building by his work mates. Despite the men yelling a warning the victim is believed to have walked right under the path of the fridge as it fell.


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I Don’t Think It Was Cryonics?

WTF Archie comics!

WTF Archie comics!

Here’s the thing people, when you get rid of your old refrigerator can you make sure you throw out all your leftovers first? Hsu Chiu-feng bought an old fridge for $5 from 4 young men in Taiwan. Hmm, when he got it home he notice a awful friggin smell and dark liquid oozing from the seals. When he opened the door, surprise, surprise, there was a dead body dressed in undies decaying inside, next to a few bottles of wine and some comic books! Geez, so he had to clean the friggin thing too, it doesn’t seem quite the bargain then! Police say the men have no idea how the body got in the fridge!

Psst You would think he would have looked inside the fridge before he bought it!


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