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Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un greets Dennis RodmanDear lord, will we have to call on Dennis Rodman to save the world? Seems that crazy way-out ex basketball player has got his funk on with none other than out favorite North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Rodman believes the key to calming the despots hatred of the West is through  “basketball diplomacy”.  Which would explain why he is in North Korea to film a HBO doco series on basketball camps for children. During his chinwag with the despot, Rodman told him “You have a friend for life”.  I think I just threw up a little.

Psst Following an exhibition match Kim Jong Un proceeded to get the US crew wasted with alcohol.


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Well Hello Dinner

A cat named Arthur befriended two dolphins Shiloh and Thunder at Florida’s Theater of the Sea ….


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That’s What Friends Are For

What do you do when you see your friend get cleaned up by a deer while out riding motorcycles in San Antonio? Grab his bike, throw it on your pickup truck and take off, that’s what. Oh and yes, you leave him and the deer sprawled across the road to sort their own mess out. The three supposed friends who stole the bike were stopped by police a short time later and charged with tampering with evidence. Meanwhile the motorcyclist was taken to hospital. No word on the deer.


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Wiki Keeps Leaking

Wikileaks...and you?

And you thought Julian Assange was paranoid? A Swedish newspaper is reporting that the lead police interrogator in Assange’s rape trial is personally and politically linked to one of the victims accusers. They are even friends on Facebook! Hmm, but will that stop the case? Me thinks not!

Want sauce with that?

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Stabbing Pain

One more time people, when testing a knife proof vest make sure you stab the knife in the vest and not your drunken mate’s friggin unprotected body. The two Swedes were somewhat drunk when they decide to test out the body armor. The first attempt was a great success, the second, not so much. That’s a hospitalization right there!


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