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Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays Everyone


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Blue Screen Of Death

Alas poor Toshiba, I knew you well. A computer of infinite jest. Yes, my laptop has finally got the blues. I will miss your sticky “a” key and the way you like to crash at the end of my posts. Never has anyone been more stubborn in accepting new programs. I swear you searched for those trojans. So ta-tah, sayonara, bon voyage you useless piece of sh*t.

Psst By the way loons you wouldn’t happen to have a Windows 98 lying around, would ya?


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WTF Bearman?

I told Bearman I look fat in Khaki!!!!!  Dear Leader begs all loons to go over to that dissident’s blog and give him a piece of my mind!!!! You heard me, NOW!!!!!!!  That’s  Bearman.com


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Greetings From A Roof

Apparently the only way to get a decent internet connection in Tassie is to climb on the roof, which is OK, if my ass didn’t stick to the roof tiles. Yes, I am wearing pants!!!! Anywho, apologizes for lack of posts will be back to normal in a few days.


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Attention Loons

We break in normal transmission to announce the Friggin Loon will be broadcasting from Tasmania for the next few days.

Psst Does anyone know if they have internet connection?


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Confessions of a Loon

OK people, I have to admit I too have a creature in my yard that could attract unwarranted attention by cops. He’s been living in my pond for several years now and has successfully scared away 2 postmen, 1 curious cat and and the water meter reader guy.


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Friggin Loon Is AWOL

It’s that time of the year again when I head down to the beach to harass picnickers and poop in their coleslaw. Regular loons will know that internet connection down here friggin sucks, so apologizes to everyone if I fail to leave a little deposit on your blog. Of course I will still be posting…gosh!


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Happy Friggin New Year

OK, now can someone pass me ……





Hair of the dog



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Twas The Night Before Friggin Christmas

The Friggin Loon would like to break from normal transmission to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and thank you for all the laughs and giggles throughout the year. I would especially like to send out my best wishes and a big old loon hug  to all my readers who are finding it a little tough this Christmas. I raise my glass to you and hope that the next year will be one big  friggin kaboom of joy. Oh and remember this holiday isn’t about the crappy pressies you receive (you can always regift) but being surrounded by the people you love and who love you. So try to look overjoyed when opening your box of jellied fruits, OK?


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Break In Transmission

For the love of god, the Loon has been trying to find a friggin internet connection for the past two days!!!  Sorry about the Silence of the Lamb treatment, but even standing on the back of a sheep in a paddock only got me a bucket full of grief.


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