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Sharks on Ice

A freeze bomb in the US is so bad sharks are washing up on the beaches of New England…..frozen. Apparantly they are prone to iced up gills. Hmm, calling John West, John West to New England.

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WTF.you don’t like Frozen? Well sorry hon, I can’t be married to you anymore, I want a divorce. The poor Japanese guy, who was married for 6 years,  is now facing a divorce from his Frozen obsessed wife after she cracked the shits and moved in with her parents (who are obviously Frozen fans too) when he told her “It’s an okay movie, I guess, but I didn’t really care for it personally,” .


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Let It Go Man!

Brian Hull is a Disney fan, a big one. So much so he can sing Let It Go in all his favourite Disney Character’s voices. Way too much time on his hands.


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Body In Landing Gear

Sorry people , we just have to do a head count...1,2,3...

OK, a little word of warning to anyone planning to hide in the landing gear of a commercial airplane…don’t! Japanese authorities have found the body of some poor wretch in the landing gear of a Delta airliner. The dark complexion dude, dressed in blue jeans and a shirt had no passport or personal belongings on him (hmm could be a Colt supporter?). A mechanic stumbled across the grisly discovery after the Boeing landed in Tokyo. Odds are the guy froze to death or suffered a shortage of oxygen, either way it was probably a nasty way to go.


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